Monday, June 20, 2011

Skateboard Art Auction \\ Poseiden Foundation

(by Meredith Butler)

I spent Saturday night drinking for a good cause! Hensley’s Pub and Grill teamed up with the Poseiden Foundation, a non-profit that promotes positive influences for youth. Artwork donated by local artists to raise money for skate and surf events for underprivileged youth. The silent auction included art from local San Diego talents like Sarah Spinks, Sam Phillips, Tiffany Laing, Ron Rauto, Duke Duel, Marc Sandoval, "Hot Dog" Pete Finlan, and our own Yelley! The place was packed out while everyone listened to live music from Angel City Outcasts, No Prophet, and Jeff Diamond.

Ron Rauto with his working Iphone speaker deck & Tiffany Laing with the winner of her fab board
Six Board Piece by Marc Sandoval
The Auction Getting Started
Artists Ron Rauto, Yelley, and Poseiden Foundation's Michaela
"Old School Voltron!" by Fotog Ink
Party People! - The night was pretty lively
One of my favorites from the night was Tiffany Laing’s leather artwork. She tooled a whimsical piece of a vintage tattoo inspired maiden fanning herself. Her bold coloring only intensified the texture of the piece and made it an instant crowd favorite. Tiffany describes her process like that of tattooing, “It’s having an idea, working from the detailed line work, the transferred image and onto the coloring. It’s time consuming but organic and totally worth the finished result!” I would have to agree with her. I couldn’t stop coming back to her artwork all night. There was something mysterious and daring about the girl with the feather fan. Check out her etsy and blog. She’s selling some gorgeous stuff! I’m in love with the Mermaid Scales belt.

Jon "ARTOO" Sajonas with his snake deck and a hand-tooled Leather Lady by Tiffany Laing
Sarah Spinks and her mermaid piece and My boyfriend Ed with our new piece by Yelley
I was lucky enough to score Yelley’s original artwork of buildings in Amsterdam. Yelley described the dreamy scenery as her “happy place,” and its obvious why. Her girly, bright style transports me immediately into a daydream land full of cute designs and Zooey Deschanel look-alikes. I can’t wait to hang up this piece, I know the perfect place… Make sure to check out Yelley’s work. And to join in the great cause, you can donate money to Poseidon Foundation via

Veda's own Yelley showing off her Amsterdam Inspired Piece &  a Deck by World Class Pinstriper "Hot Dog" Pete Finlan
Lovely Ladies of the Art Show
Tarot board by Mandy Windham & "Tattoo Cat Lady" by Jesse Day
photos curtesy of Ron Rauto

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