Sunday, August 7, 2011

Special Events // Eighth Ply Twenty Eleven

This weekend, southern California was a buzz with skateboarding industry conventions and events, and  Downtown San Diego hosted a great skateboard inspired art show put on by art collective We Love Creativity and sponsored by Sk8ology floating deck displays.  This was the second annual "Eighth Ply" skateboard deck art show, and this year’s exhibit was held at the Hard Rock Hotel’s rooftop nightclub “FLOAT” and included over 60 artists with one common medium, a skateboard deck.

Artists Include: Monstrinho. James Tull. Skye Walker. Alex Lopez. Monty Montgomery. Mike Maxwell. Honkey Kong. EXIST1981. SkEm oNe. Eric Wixon. Wendy Teague. Kelli Murray. JFeather. Bryan Snyder. Robert Gould. Sour. Tocayo. Sam Larson. Matty Davis. Carly Ealey. Terri Mitchell. Brent Sandor. Laura Klotsche. MR.DVICE. Nicholas McPherson. Scot Leverett. Dawley. Nitos. Michael Hsiung. Krystie Sargent. Hovin Wang. Teddy Kelly. Steve Peek. Catrina Dulay. Stephen Forrester. Haley Robinson. Jenny Daniels. Cameron Canales. Christy Pepper Dawson. Chris Cockrill. Ron Rauto. Ronie. Pandemic. Guice Mann. Alex Chiu. Artoo. Tiffany Laing. Sarah Spinks. Sam Phillips. Brooks Sterling. Nick Denambride. Serena Fritchle. Coby Brooks. Dave Warshaw. Mary Spring. OINKER. Hunter Feirich. + more.

We wanted to give a big thanks to Brooks Sterling with WLC for hosting a great event and of course share some fo the highlights with you!

Tattoo decks by Sam Phillips, ARTOO & Sarah Spinks
Tiffany Laing's tarot inspired hand tooled leather deck next to Coby Brooks & Kelli Murray
Me getting a closer look at the keyhole deck 
Keyhole Deck by Scot Leverett
iPhone Stereo deck by my husband Ron Rauto
Roof top party! 
Tasty Promotions
Hunter Feirich, Matty Davis & Mike Maxwell
Dawley's axe deck was an attention getter, even next to this mounted deer by SkEm oNe
Exist1981,  Honkey Kong & Brent Sandor
Monstrinho & Brooks Sterling 

Rob Gould & Christy Pepper Dawson
Chris Cockrill's Monster
Krystie Sargent, Tocayo & Alex Lopez
Teddy Kelly & Michael Hsiung

Brooks Sterling from "We Love Creativity"
Chad & Sarah Spinks, Artoo, Scott Fritz, Yelley (myself), Sam Phillips & Morgan Feirich