Saturday, April 30, 2011

Art Submissions // Whitney Wells

"Love Hurts"
Bringing light to up and coming artists and presenting our followers with fresh art inspiration wherever I find it is the most rewarding part of this VEDA project. When I received our very first art submission from Whitney Wells, of Denver CO, I was excited to share his work with everyone. Check out his grimy originals and show him some love for keeping it real, with serious style.

"Broken Decks"
"Movin' on Up"
jury duty- sketches of the back of peoples heads
"My Heart is Ugly"
"Here Tomorrow"
"Don't Look so Hard"

VEDA art + objects is always accepting new submissions. If you'd like to see your art on the VEDA blog, and possibly the store itself, submit your work. Not all submissions will be selected, but if we're impressed (we meaning me and my chihuahua Delilah of course) you could be the next FEATURED ARTIST!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Featured Artist : Jennifer Parks

"Bicycle Love" - Created for ARTCRANK - BEND, OR bike poster show benefiting Bikes to Rowanda
Jennifer Parks is a comic artist, illustrator, and co-member of the pony club gallery. Her world is filled with ghosts, charcoal, and ornamental gatherings.  Her work without compromise tells the tale of that world in intensely rendered darkness. Jennifer's drawings make me feel FEELINGS! (which I'm not totally used to) I had to share her work for all you sketch book romantics.

"They Met in a Dream" mini-comic - low tech and lovely
I had been watching the work of Miss Parks for months in curious adoration. I loved her detailed, almost obsessive sketches and when i received this mini-comic as part of a birthday gift from one of my besties Tiffany Laing (yeah, i have great friends) my love for Jennifer parks was solidified... I quickly snatched up her most beautiful pieces for the gallery at

"Ride Wild Ghostriders" - Created for ARTCRANK - PORTLAND, OR bike poster show benefiting Bikes to Rowanda
Greeting Cards featuring digital prints of original pen and ink drawings.
"Mail Birds" hand drawn on the package just for VEDA<3
Jennifer's has a full body of work including drawings, prints, booklets and even 3d art. I had to pick my favorites but there's tons of runners-up. They're all so crush worthy - definitely looking forward to adding more of her pieces to the store soon!

"Wild Beauty" - Created for the GREAT OUTDOORS show at Pony Club, Portland, OR
Feather-tastic pen and ink drawings
"Thinking of Death" Charcoal
"Secret Place" - amazing paper-cut diorama created for the DIORAMA DRAMA show at Pony Club, Portland, OR
more beautiful sketches
"The Seer" pen & ink (i see boobs and vaginas)
"Spirited Diamond" collaboration with Marty Crandall
"We Made These Songs" Album Cover
If you would like more information about Jennifer Parks, or any of the artwork featured in this post, contact Danielle - or Visit to buy prints.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Shop VEDA art + objects

Welcome to VEDA art + objects BLOG! My dreams are coming true one busy day at a time... check back for the Grand Opening launch on May 1, 2011 or check out the Online Store open now for you super special people in the know ;) We've got lots of amazing art prints and curious objects - and follow Veda on Facebook + Twitter or Bloglovin to get the scoop on up and coming artists.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Editions

New prints in stock this week - Purchase these super fresh limited edition prints now at

Sanya Glisic
Diana Sudyka
Jennifer Parks
John Delucca

Saturday, April 9, 2011

About the Curator: Yelley

...aka Danielle Rauto. I've been working as a freelance artist & designer since 2005, but my true compass points to Fine Art, Gallery Exhibition and Museum Studies. My education is in Studio Arts (Bachelors Fine Art 2005 from SDSU), which contributed to many amazing experiences working and volunteering in museums & galleries, designing & installing exhibits, and archiving permanent collections. This is where my love for curating began.

My love for art, science and all things naturey however, must have been present at birth. As a kid I was always picked to draw the amoebas in science class, and made the most accurate scale model of a California mission in 5th grade history. I remember my first venture as a budding naturalist - debating with my kindergarten teacher about the feeding habits of Orcas- I realized that I was probably more passionate about the facts of the universe than the people around me. From then on, I've followed my own path of discovery in search of truth and beauty, cataloging curiosities along the way.

VEDA is named after my daughter Ellis Veda who inspired me to spring all my passions into action. She's trapped in a tiny body but she's a wise old soul who has shown me what I am capable of and given me a full heart. With the support of my daughter and husband Ron, I've created Veda Art + Objects to exhibit some of my favorite finds, hoping that the love will spread quickly and inspire others on their own journey.

Likes: Carl Sagan, Bigfoot, Bad Religion, Glitter, Dr. Pepper, Tetris, Drawings of girls, Rocks, Evolution, Bugs, Owls, Tattoos, Succulents, Delftware, Adventure, David Bowie, My Poison Dart Frog Vivarium, Deep Nature Sh*t (aka hiking), Museums, People with Animal Heads, Scrabble, National Geographic, Pandora Radio, Elephants, Lost Boys, Space, Traveling, Space Travel...