Monday, November 7, 2011

Nocturne : Art Inspired by the Night

The midnight oil has been burning constantly for weeks at Gallery 204 as the Nocturne exhibit nears completion - Make sure you come out to Vista, California this Saturday November 12th at 7pm to see the magic first hand!.  Read more about the event here! - and enjoy this small preview of some of our handy work! Hope to everyone out under the glittery stars Saturday night!

Flyer artwork: "Bad Blood" Christy Pepper Dawson,  layout  design by Yelley
Sneak Peek of the window Installation/Photobooth
"Moth Girl,"  Acrylic on Board  - Yelley
"Mr. Townsend's Longest Walk Home," Mixed Media - Chris Earnhart
"Under the Bed," Watercolor -  Erica Meza 
"Bubbles," Acrylic on Wood - Alex Chiu 
"Bract Retch," Acrylic on Canvas - Copio