Nocturne : Art Inspired by the Night

The night has long been a time of flourishing creativity for artists, poets and musicians. When the moon is high and the rest of the world sleeps, the mind of the artist awakens, and magic begins. In the dark, attention is turned to that which is concealed by the light of the day. Whether burning the midnight oil or navigating lucid dreams, there is a powerful connection between the conscious and sub-conscious mind that crystalizes under the stars. 

'Nocturne' is a collection of paintings and sculptures evocative of the night. Here is a sample of selected works from the exhibition that delve into the imagination and pay homage to nocturnal creativity.

Opening Reception November 12, 2011 at 7:00 pm
(Open through November 18th)

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List of Nocturne Artists:
Artoo . Cam . Contrived to Charm . Alex Chiu . Chris Cockrill . Copio . Kim Maria Cruz . Matty Davis . Christy Pepper Dawson . Darren Downing . Christopher Earnhart . Philip Gann . Godshalk . Cody Griffith . Christopher Head . Sandra Logan . Erika Meza . Jared Millar . Nickbahulaisdead . Oinker . Reed Olson . Pancake . Ashley Peters . Sam Phillips . Jade Sappington . Scatcrappee . Bryan Snyder . Chad Spinks . Sarah Spinks . John Webster . Paddy Wilkins . Whiteywilliams . Ariel Wilson . Yelley

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Special thanks to our other nocturnal helpers:
Ron Rauto . Mandy Windham . Madeira Semple . Sydney Montjoy . Dru Van Dyke . DJ Kid Jagger