Saturday, April 30, 2011

Art Submissions // Whitney Wells

"Love Hurts"
Bringing light to up and coming artists and presenting our followers with fresh art inspiration wherever I find it is the most rewarding part of this VEDA project. When I received our very first art submission from Whitney Wells, of Denver CO, I was excited to share his work with everyone. Check out his grimy originals and show him some love for keeping it real, with serious style.

"Broken Decks"
"Movin' on Up"
jury duty- sketches of the back of peoples heads
"My Heart is Ugly"
"Here Tomorrow"
"Don't Look so Hard"

VEDA art + objects is always accepting new submissions. If you'd like to see your art on the VEDA blog, and possibly the store itself, submit your work. Not all submissions will be selected, but if we're impressed (we meaning me and my chihuahua Delilah of course) you could be the next FEATURED ARTIST!

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