Sunday, May 1, 2011

Featured Artist : Sandra Dieckmann // Part 1

"Tomorrow Bear"
A freelance illustrator living and working in east London, Sandra Dieckmann's work mainly evolves around nature and wildlife. She's currently working on illustrations for her upcoming white bison book "TUKOTA" (more on that project in Part 2 of Sandra's feature) and we are beyond pleased to be featuring her fabulous work on 

"Sweet Dreams" Sleeping ... the lovely Ursus Arctus.

 Sandra was born in ‘83, in the tiny rural village of Oldenburg, Germany in a very creative environment. “My father has always been very artistic. He is a free spirit and loves building, painting, making things. My father’s dad left his family very early when he was little. He is a known artist but I have never met him.” so it seems her talent is in part the result of several generations of creative thinking.

“My head is full of stories and creatures and conversations. I can’t be any other Way. Sometimes I think it is the way I was allowed to be free without fear so early on that ignited this dreaminess. I explored the woods, spent loads of time reading, drawing, and just making things... I think I just never stopped.”

"Furry Faces" Zine
Sandra (“Sani”) Moved to London on a whim in 2002 (at 19) in search of new adventures and further education. “I started early on with a Baccalaureta in Art in Germany. After a brief Stint studying Textiles and Fashion Design upon moving to London, she finally completed a BA in graphic information design and illustration at Westminster University (with a first class honors and distinction might I add). 

"Half Human" (Pretty lips - looks a bit like Sani herself)
Now she’s completely at home in east London with her boycat ‘little crumb’, and flat mates.“I soon realized that i wanted to make images and use my Hands and not program or work on layouts all day. I don't mind doing it a bit but I need to let the pictures flow out of my head into my images. It's like breathing. I just need to and I have been doing it as long as I can think back.”  Sandra doesn’t just talk the talk about animal love; she walks the walk – working part time at the RSPCA. “With the charity job I get to meet all types of people in east London and it's nice to be in the centre of the community here.”

"Polar Bear" Ballad Of  'Nanny Floff' Magazine Cover Art
Where do you find inspiration?
Everything around me. The green trees, the streets, people’s faces, the sky and London life. Rubbish on the floor and stains on the asphalt, things that no one else has time to look at any more. Anything by david attenborough. Nature books, touching and watching and talking to animals. The natural world and the lack of it. Often Inspiration here comes from simply watching people and conversations that I have with strangers and friends. It's nice to playfully explain ideas and joke about things and sometimes the best ideas grow out of that. Drawing is my escape.

 Who would love to work for or collaborate with?
Anyone that is honest, driven, open that has time for the world and not just themselves.
People with open eyes. People that make eye contact and that aren't scared to tell a long story. People that can say 'not so good' when asked 'how are you?’ - I love this about Sandra, guts and honesty, reminds me of my dear friend (and fellow German girl) Sarah Spinks…this kind of outlook is as old-timey as it is refreshing…

"Fox & Scarf" (work in Progress)
Sandra's illustrations are just so dreamy - I love the texture and care she puts into each drawing as well as the way she compiles color, geometry, and pure heart to create a layering of thoughts and emotions.
"Wolf Mask"
"Heroes are Hard to Find"- Celebratory self initiated illustration.
Greeting Card sponsored and created in collaboration with the Culture Vulture in Leeds.
Ballad Of 'Nanny Floff' Magazine submission theme 'Don't forget to write'.


  1. I love this featured artist....I have stumbled upon her work many times through Tumblr and you can tell just how much her work is adored by others.