Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Art Submissions // Cosmic Nuggets

We received our second Artist Submission all the way from Scotland, and Cosmic Nuggets is working on a large scale experiment in evolution that I thought you all would appreciate. His target is to complete 1000 unique characters with several generations of species, "I'm currently about 600-700 down so not long to go. Once I make it too the 1000 I hope to have an exhibition where they can be united in one space! Read more about Cosmic Nuggets and the origins of  this alien's species on his site.

VEDA art + objects is always accepting new submissions. If you'd like to see your art on the VEDA blog, and possibly the store itself, submit your work. Not all submissions will be selected, but if we're impressed (we meaning me and my chihuahua Delilah of course) you could be the next FEATURED ARTIST!

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