Thursday, June 2, 2011

Featured Artist : Sandra Dieckmann // Part 2

If you missed our Featured Artist: Sandra Dieckmann // Part 1 catch up quick because we've got even more hand drawn goodness to share.  When I first laid eyes on her "White Bison" illustration I was drawn to it's sadness and warmth - such delicate line work and emotional presence... It stuck with me for some time until I was finally compelled to contact her about our new gallery. 

"White Bison" 
Big surprise - "Sani" (as her friends would say) is as awesome as her illustrations. She spoke with me a bit about the significance of the white bison illustration, part of a larger project - a book titled "TUKOTA", which has currently no release date in sight. NO RELEASE DATE?! How could the book who's illustrations visit my dreams so often be back-burnered with no plans for a release? I quickly understood why as she described her intentions.
"The Tukota book is a personal project that I'm taking my time with. I feel like a lot of illustrator/ illustrations are rushed by feeling like they constantly have to keep people interested. I wanted to enjoy doing something for myself amongst all the other work. Experiment a bit and that."
Whatever it is she's experimenting with, it's working out well for her - the work she's done already on the book is really fabulous - with all the texture and line quality of her other beautiful pieces, but with a personal emotional intensity thats breathes life to her subjects like never before. 

Tukota - Illuminated Type
In this industry of crank-it-out artwork licensed to heartless conglomerates, packaged and sold in mass to naive consumers, it's rare to find people making art for art-sake. Sandra Dieckmann is one of those few honorable creatives still yearning to share something personal through her work. When pencil meets paper anything can happen, but when a person tunes into the deepest parts of their being to express the things we find it hard to talk about, it becomes more than a drawing, takes on a life more important than marks on a paper. It makes people feel - have a gut reaction - and contemplate what that feeling means to them and their life... This is the definition of true artistry. 

Sandra's TOKOTA project has all the potential to be a commercial mega-success, but for now, she's in no rush - as popular as ever - Sandra Dieckmann is balancing Commercial Illustration and Graphic Design with some self exploration and late night sketching sessions, and what's been seen of her Tukota work to date is drool worthy. 

Tukota - White Bison eye study
“The eyes of an animal and the way they move, observation of all living things somehow hold so much truth about worldly balance and the sensitivities we ignore too often these days. I don’t trust people who don’t love animals very easily.”
Tukota - White Bison sketch
So what exactly will Sandra's bison story reveal? "It's not written in stone. It has as such no planned narrative ... I'm letting myself flow from thought to thought and from image to image. In essence it is in memory of my mom who died of cancer. It was her favourite animal and I'm enjoying finding out more and more about the native american legend of the white bison while thinking of her. I'm really beginning to love that creature. Currently watching some beautiful documentaries on bison ;-)" 

"White Bison" fine art print available at
Luckily Sandra is a fan of what's going on here art VEDA ART (did i mention she's super cool?!) and she knows how much we appreciate her albino apparition the white buffalo - Soooo, While we all wait with baited breath to see the finished Tukota book,  Sandra has decided to release a print from her "White Bison" series to be sold on - WOOHOO! and it's available for only $35 in our online store go check it out!  

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